Wednesday, December 30, 2009

chrimbo limbo

I heard the phrase 'Chrimbo Limbo' on the radio yesterday and I quite liked it - Chrimbo Limbo is a phrase used to describe the redundant time between Christmas and new year. I'm not really feeling the Chrimbo Limbo feeling however as I just haven't had chance to stop over the last week.
We spent Christmas day and Boxing day with my sis, her hubby and her boys. The boys are a joy, both full of the magic of christmas, hyperactive because they'd eaten too many sweets, and had so many presents they didn't know what to play with first. This is how Christmas should be in my book. We had a great time.
I had lots of great pressies too - will share some pics at a later date though.
We were then home for a day before heading up to North Wales to see my parents - the nice thing was that that whole family was there, and everyone knows how difficult it is to get an entire family in one room these days, especially when they are spread out across the country. It's worth making the effort though - building the memory bank for a time when inevitably there won't be the opportunity for everyone to be together. It snowed up there yesterday so I snuck out into the garden to take some pics. The little robin here was looking right at me:
Aside from making Christmas cakes to give as gifts, mince pies to give as gifts and infused vodka to give as gifts I haven't done any Christmas cooking - I think it will be my turn next year. I'm presently busy making a non too festive cauliflower curry, recipe here

I spotted this little festive new year garland idea today over on the purl bee and thought I would share. I sadly won't have the time to make one, but I'll keep it in the bank for a later date!It's fair to say that I won't blog again between now and the new year, so would just like to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year, and say thanks to my supportive and lovely blog buddies - if you're reading this, then that means you.

2009, over and out.


Gina said...

Happy New Year to you too Monda!

Ali said...

Chrimbo-limbo the perfect descriptor - must remember that one!

Happy 2010 to you!

kirsticoo said...

That is such an apt saying for the way I am feeling this week - was soo busy last week and now we have just ground to a complete halt... Happy New Year....x

Moogsmum said...

Happy New Year Monda!!

I'm delighted to say, Portia was a huge success with Minx and she earned me a great big hug and kiss!!


rachelmp said...

your robin photo is beautiful!