Thursday, December 17, 2009

here comes the snow

As I sit here and type, we have quite a snow flurry coming down - there are no cars on the road outside so the snow is undisturbed - just a crisp, cold, white covering as far as the eye can see. I love the snow, and it certainly feels quite festive in the approach to Christmas.

I've had a lovely day today. It's Mr Monda's b'day so we both took the day off work just to have a lie in, and a potter about, a trip to the cinema and something nice to eat. We wrapped a few pressies and wrote a few Christmas cards and just generally had a nice relaxing day.
We also bought these 2 Christmas singles today, because we are feeling festive:

I don't watch the X-factor, and I do quite like the idea of having a non X-factor number one. I haven't purchased rage against the machine just yet (I already have it actually) but I might. It's currently in the number one spot on iTunes :o)

Lastly, I used the random number generator which picked Claire Hurd as the recipient of my little giveaway. Claire, I'll pop your goodies in the post soon.
Now I'm just hoping the snow might stay around long enough to snow my car in so I can't possibly get out to go to work tomorrow. I would LOVE to stay at home and build a snowman instead.


Claire Hurd Design said...

Thank you so much Monda! I am very excited to be your giveaway winner. I hope you enjoy the snow and have a very merry Christmas.
Claire x

Anonymous said...

hello~nice to meet u..............................