Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's still October but...

I've listed a few of my scrappy tree Christmas decorations in my etsy and folksy shops today. I'll also be listing some of my birds soon too.This weekend I've also been working on a couple of PIF gifts for Mrs Locket and Dotty Designs. I'll share these once they have arrived with their recipients.

As most people reading this will know, the clocks in the UK went back last night (they probably also went back in some other countries too right?). How great is that - a whole extra hour of sleepy goodness, and as a result I seem to have had quite a productive day. The bad thing about this of course is that it gets darker earlier - and taking pictures is more difficult with less natural light.

This week I was also featured on Cuteable - a whole post all of my own. Sweet. Thanks Lyndsey.


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely blog, Monda. Of course I knew to put the clock back one hour, so why did I end up putting it forward instead?! Sunday was a very long day. Best wishes. Lesley

Kyoko said...

Congratulations on the Cutable! You totally deserve it.
Gosh wasn't it nice to sleep one hour extra? Although I was working on Sunday, it made a huge difference. Though isn't it really warm right now? I am wearing a t-shirt. Usually I am freezing cold by this time of the year.

picciolo said...

congratulations on the feature, it looks great!
: )

Lena said...

Very cute decorations:).