Monday, October 05, 2009

Canvas Bags

Last night I went to see Tim Minchin - a very clever, funny and talented guy.
I've just checked You Tube to find a funny to share with you. This one will require you to crank up the sound a bit, but it will be well worth it (there are also other versions on YT but this one was closest to the one we saw last night). I love the Michael Jackson moment towards the end. Genuis.
I just won't believe it if you tell me you're not hooked on this tune. You'll probably sing it when you go to the supermarket from now on.


Claire Hurd Design said...

Loved it! Thanks Monda x

Katy said...

isn't he hilarious? I love him.

Nearly spat my tea out when he unbuttoned his shirt. Too funny.

Moogsmum said...

Hee hee - that was utterly fantastic!! Thanks for that, Monda :)


The Curious Cat said...

Very silly!!! :) xxx

Milena said...

Hi Monda,

I saw him @ Jonathan Ross the other Night. He's great! Thanks for sharing this! I love the song! It must have been a great night out!