Sunday, October 11, 2009

birds of a sweater

A little something I've been doing in the last few (chilly) evenings. I made some of these hanging birds last Christmas also, and they proved quite popular so I'm making a whole lot more for my upcoming fairs this year (and a few for my shops too).

This weekend I've also updated both my etsy shop and my folksy shop. Some prices in etsy are reduced (exchange rate check) and have added some of my stitched postcards into my folksy shop


Katy said...

I do love your stitched birds - the one you made me hangs ever so happily above the computer

The Curious Cat said...

These birds are birdrilliant! xxx Will take a little pop over to your shop when I am feeling rich. xxx

dottydesigns said...

loving your birds, i always love your birdie stuff...hint hint pif!!! haha xx

Moogsmum said...

Oh, I love the little mappy bird on that card!

Carrie said...

"birds of a sweater"... hehe, that's clever!

They are SO cute... I'd like a gaggle of them, please ;)