Sunday, October 18, 2009


I've recently been collecting fine bone china It might seem a bizarre thing for a 33 year old but I have reason. Next year, me and Mr Monda are getting married, and have decided that we'd like an old fashioned afternoon tea as part of our celebration. It will be quite a modest affair really but will be quite beautiful with an ecclectic mix of old fine bone china. I've found some lovely pieces and feel like I almost have a new addiction for pretty china. It's understandable that people used to have this saved in cupboards and sideboards for special occasions. I think it's massively underrated and I'll no doubt be using some of the lovely pieces after our wedding too (I can't believe I am writing 'our wedding' - it makes it all seem very real).

I've not had much time for creativity this week, I've been sewing a few more birds but really need to get my butt into gear and get a 'to do' list on the go. I've been doing some drawing and have some ideas for some new softies that will hopefully emerge in the coming few weeks.


Gina said...

Very pretty china... and very pretty little bird too.

emma lamb said...

yay! you've set the date... :)
and i love your idea of a tea party, and the china you've collected so far is absolutely beautiful ~ tres 'granny chic'... ;)
it's really lovely that you're fincing the time for a bit of crafting too, a little bit of stitching on the sofa of an evening is a great way to sooth the mind... :)
many hugs to you my dear Monda,

Jodie said...

It sounds like it is going to be a gorgeous wedding.

The Curious Cat said...

Ah congratulations on your engagement and forthcoming wedding!!! Have to say I had the same idea for bone china for my dream wedding - I was thinking along the same lines for one day in the future (unlike you, not engaged yet though!). I think it would be lovely to have an assortment of beautiful various teacups! Adds a little individuality to the occassion! Plus I love bone china! Hmm, would love to hear your other ideas - how exciting!!! xxx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

How exciting to be at the planning "your wedding" stage! Mr Locket and I will be celebrating our 15th anniversary in a couple of weeks - makes me feel soooooo old!!! I love the idea of your tea-cup collection!

And thank you for the tip off about the fabric - I've just bought some of the duck and chicken fabric to make my mum a bag for Christmas.

Lucy x

The Devil Makes Work said...

I think the afternoon tea idea sounds wonderful. Really lovely. I have enjoyed catching up with your blog today.