Tuesday, July 17, 2007

woo hoo too!

Imagine this scene - you're at work, you have a project that is over deadline (out of your control) and everyone is telling you, 'you can't do that' or 'this won't happen until that happens' and it feels like the world and his brother are really doing their best to mush any morale and enthusiasm you have left well and truly into the ground. Well today I had quite a sucky day which pretty much resembled this.
So what gets you through a day like this?
Grit and determination? yes it's true I had a bit of this
The thought of your potential year end bonus? well this was an unconscious thought
An envelope arriving on your desk with a nice freebie in (thanks Sarah) and some stuff you ordered all accompanied by the calming and relaxing fragrance of lavender? TOTALLY!This couldn't have come at a better time and I kept sticking my nose into the envelope periodically throughout the day to make myself feel better. It worked.

Also, I wanted to mention a designer whose work I found on ebay a while back. She is Jane Foster, and below you can see a pic of one of her bags I bought a couple of months ago now. She has some lovely prints and hand made items incorporating her prints too. She was happy for me to post about her stuff which you can also find on ebay hereShe said that there is not so much going on in her shop right now as she is taking a break, but I've added her to my fave sellers so I can check when she adds new items.

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Julie adore said...

c'est vrai que vous vous inspirez des blogs des autres! Julie adore et Monda loves - c'est la même chose!