Saturday, July 07, 2007

monsters and frogs

Today consisted of a lie in (ahh finally), reading harry potter - refreshing my memory before the next book comes out, going around my back garden looking for baby frogs, and making monsters whilst watching/listening to live earth (best thing was the foo fighters who quite literally rock!) Quite a nice day all in all.
Here are my latest monsters, and I might just be making a few more tomorrow. The grass has probably not been cut for 2-3 weeks due to the excessive rain, so it needed a cut, but yesterday we found baby frogs all over the grass, and lots of them (at least 50). We couldn't bear the thought of kermit style carnage when baby frog met lawnmower, so we spent the best part of an hour collecting the baby frogs in the trug. We can't be sure we got all the frogs before the mowing happened but we gave it a pretty good go. The frogs were happily released into our neighbours pond, where they had come from in the first place.

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Melly said...

OMG - your latest monsters are to DIE FOR!!! They are so darned adorable!!! You have a real flair! We would love to do a monster swap with you!!!! I hope the monster mash weekend is going fabulously!