Thursday, July 12, 2007

something cool for your blog

I have just found out by reading print and pattern's blog that you can get a free hit counter for your blog.
I really like this because I often wonder how many people see my blog and lurk around on it. I usually only know if someone posts a comment for me. You can get a free counter here
There's only one problem with this though, I've just added a counter to the bottom of my page, and I don't actually like the style of it - I should have gone for something much simpler. I'm now trying to find out how to change it. grrr. Blogger should have a counter built in, or perhaps it does and I just haven't found it yet.

I thought I might post about a card designer that I really admire Most of you probably already know or have seen cards by Caroline Gardner. I buy her cards for inspiration and for sending to people if I'm too short of time to make my own.
If you don't know her work, then you can find it here


luv Abby said...

I have a counter on my blog and I love it .... it even tells you where in the world ur viewers are from... and you can swap and change styles easy as.... copy and paste .... check em out here... they are free too....
luv Abby

Anonymous said...

Found you from Melly & Me's blog. You're blog is lovely. Constant Contact has a great counter that you can add to your blogger template.

sarah said...

Hi i just found you through paperand string, i love your work !
Sarah x

kat said...

Found you through paper-and-string blog too. Your monsters are super cute!

Oh here's another link for a stat counter that I really like and use on my blog.

it's free too!