Monday, July 23, 2007

Aussie mates

A curious thing happened today.
A parcel arrived from Australia.
Inside there were two monsters called Melly and Rosie who were desperate to get out after their long journey. I don't blame them.They punched their way out of the top of the envelope and took in their surroundings.
Desperate for a better look around, Melly abseiled down the envelope while Rosie looked on cautiously.Once they had both got their feet firmly on the ground they happened on two locals. Flory was happy to see some new monsters, quite frankly she was bored of the locals. Ringo however hung back to exercise a bit of caution - he was a bit stand offish you see.
Melly handed over a note by way of an explanation as to why they had come to the strange new land. Flory, who could read better than Ringo read the card, explaining to Ringo that the new monsters we here on a swap, and that they'd be hanging around for a bit. Ringo reluctantly accepted this, and slowly but surely got chatting to his new friend Rosie - he actually fancied her a bit but he didn't want Melly and Flory to find out. Flory however was too busy being impressed by melly to notice.They became firm friends that evening and talked about all the things they could do together over the coming weeks - weather permitting of course. Rosie had remarked that the weather here was somewhat grim. Ringo and Flory couldn't help but agree.

This story was brought to you by Monda, with a bit of help from some monster friends. Thanks melly and me for my lovely monster swap - hope you get yours soon!


paper-and-string said...

It seems your monsters are very smart!! Able to abseil (with ric rac!) and read (maybe he needs glasses, he's standing very close!)

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. I think I may be becoming
a monster-a-holic ;-)

thanks for putting a big grin on my face this morning!!
sarah xxx

Emma said...

I LOVED this blog - my favourite ever ever ever! More please - more?

Am now going to be reading the rest of your blog (when I should be doing the day job - you're so bad)

Emma xx

de vliegende koe said...

I bought a Splitch and a Splotch from MellyandMe. They are so cute!

Sion said...

That was such a cute post, thanks for writing it! It brought a smile to my face! =)