Thursday, October 27, 2011

a tough week

This week I haven't been feeling very well at all - everything from a runny nose and a wheezy chest to nausea and uncontrollable shivers. I think that some kind of virus combined with a general run down-ness is the (self) diagnosis. It's making me feel quite glum and I have definitely not been my usual self this week. Despite feeling crubbish I have soldiered on with my work (no sick pay here!), but my productivity, like my mood, has been low. 
My plan to get my little shop relaunched this week won't happen, but I'll have it stocked and ready to go next week, when hopefully I'll be feeling better.

I did manage to get a new pattern drawn up earlier this week though, so it's not all bad:

I think this bird looks quite mad!


Lina said...

Sorry you're feeling crubbish. I have been too and feeling quite sorry for myself with a bad cold. Hope you feel better soon - I don't comment often enough but always enjoy your work!

Hoola Tallulah said...

Sorry to hea you have the lurgy, hoping you feel much better soon.

littletree... said...

I think everyone is poorly at the moment, Ive been working from my bed this week with a box of tissues on one side ans a cat on the other! hope your feeling better soon x ps loving the word crubbish!

emma lamb said...

Oh Miss Monda, you poor(ly) wee soul... :(
Sorry you've been feeling so 'crubbish'... if you can you should try and take a day or two off, even if you are starting to feel better... if you've got a busy festive build up you should try to get a wee bit of rest now so you can be in tip-top shape for all the excitement you have planned... :)

Oh, and I love the wee birdy, looks like he's got his eye on a wiggly worm... !?

Healing hugs to you my dear,
Emma, x

Gina said...

Hope you feel better soon.

amy said...

Oh this is really wonderful Monda! Hope that you're feeling better.

englishrose said...

I love your design, its so cute!