Wednesday, October 12, 2011

feeling festive yet?

I am. I sent my card designs off to be printed yesterday:

They are quite different but both use the cross hatch/scratch element. The husband says the first one reminds him of scotland (?) and the second is more party/nights out/mulled wine/50's feel. I do appreciate how helpful it is to have a designer as a husband who can dispense feedback when requested.
Like my last set of cards, I wanted a fairly small quantity so I'm having these printed by the lovely folks at Moo. If you don't know Moo (where have you been?) they have a great website. I use both their mini cards (as labels for my softies and accessories and as promo cards) and for some of my greetings cards and postcards. Their products are high quality and the website is foolproof when it comes to ordering personalised stationery.
They have a (secret) 15% discount on their greetings cards until 20th October - just enter the code CARDSYAY at the checkout. It's OK to tell you though - they said I could pass it on.

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