Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So many

Cake stands! and this picture is just a fraction of what we have:

For the last couple of years I've been collecting bone china for our wedding. This last week we picked out all our favourite plate combinations, drilled them and made them into 3 tiered cake stands.

I won't be able to keep all these after the wedding - I just don't have the space for them, and can't imagine having an afternoon tea so big that I'll need all of them again, so they'll be going to new homes (via ebay!).

4 days to go!


RahRah Repeats said...

these are beautiful, be sure to let us know when they're on ebay!! x

Lina said...

Fabulous - love these. My mum collects cake stands. I know you're obviously pretty busy right now (!) but I'd love to know how you drilled without breaking them. Good luck with the wedding!

Lina xox

Kre8ive Life said...

Oh pleasde let us know your secrets to making these gorgeous stands. They are stunning. Your wedding is going to be stunning.

silverpebble said...

These are fantastic - was it difficult to drill them?

Joanne said...

ooh lovely. Let us know when you ebay them. I'd love to say I'd collect china and drill them myself but I just won't - much better to help you out & take one off your hands :)

Monica said...

absolutely perfectly wonderful!!

Moogsmum said...

Oh wow - they're amazing! Where do you get the metal bits for making them into cakestands?
I've found a couple of cakestands at the charity shop and it always feels like a special occasion when they're loaded with yummy cake.

I have to say I've really enjoyed your wedding preparations :o)


Stitchbird said...

Wow how amazing. Can I ask where did you get the metal bits for the cake stands. - I am in New Zealand so not really a prospective customer for your beautiful cake stands (mores the pity). Also congratulations with all your prepaprations I am sure you had a marvellous day. The biscuits looked yum!