Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I call them buttonholes but these are also known as boutonnierres. A bit of French always makes something sound a bit more chic and classsy doesn't it.
The delicate crochet flowers were made for me (with vintage thread) by my blog buddy and crochet master Emma Lamb, who has also made me lots of flowers for my dress.
I'm only half way through these boutonnieres so I'm off to crack on with the rest.
Yeah, get me being all chic and that. I'm just getting in some practice for the big day!


Gina said...

They are gorgeous! Can't wait to see your dress!

Moogsmum said...

Oh Monda they're gorgeous! So much better than a curled up carnation. I trained as a florist and developed a deep loathing for the traditional buttonhole - I must have made thousands!
These will be such a lovely keepsake for your guests too.

That dress sounds like it's going to be something very special - can't wait to see it!


Kyoko said...

Hi Monda!
They are absolutely gorgeous. Yes, why is it that adding some french words makes everything so chic? :D
You are very good to make things for your big day. I didn't have time for mine (I thought I would make at least a shawl or something)...
Are you kitties dressing up too? :D
I think Kumo and Wata had special treat...;)

Milena said...

These are gorgeous! I cannot wait to see your dress! xx


Fabaroo dahhhling (french accent??)
C'est bon x