Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This week we received a really pretty tin of iced biscuits as a wedding gift from some of Mr. Monda former work colleagues.
I've seriously never seen such pretty biscuits before. They are wedding themed - just like the ones below:

We haven't tried any yet (we're both being very good with food at the minute to make sure we're not squashing ourselves into our wedding clobber!), so they are sitting in the cupbard quite whispering my name each time I venture into the kitchen.

Go and have a look at the Biscuiteers website - there are some lovely ideas for Birthdays, valentines, new baby celebrations and much more:

3 days to go!


Kitty said...

Oh my - I've never seen biscuits like that before - how lovely. Thinking of you, and hoping it all goes seamlessly. :) x

picciolo said...

what a lovely present, I love the cat ones especially. Best of luck for your big day, I hope you both have a wonderful day and that the weather is kind to you
: )

Hoola Tallulah said...

You are a good girl, I would have tucked into those biccies without a moments hesitation and am punished accordingly (mostly all on the thighs and tum!).
2 days, wow, you must be charged! Love the cake stands btw!

Carrie said...

They are beautiful!! Kudos to you for not caving and devouring one or twelve ;)


Cat said...

Hope everything went well!