Sunday, April 04, 2010

spring is hopeful

If I was to say I had a favourite season, I would err towards autumn,  or even winter. I wonder what this says about me as a person? Anyway, I digress. I've realised just recently that there is much I like about spring also. Perhaps this has lots to do with the changes happening in my life at the moment too, but it all feels very hopeful, and I'm looking forward to my new beginnings and the changes that will inevitably result. More about that later - plans are afoot!

 a spring/easter palette found around these parts today:
roses still look beautiful and soft even when they are decaying 
mmm easter eggs


silverpebble said...

I'm so glad you're feeling hopeful Monda - that's great news x

Kyoko said...

Hello Monda!
I am the same. I like autumn and winter. I don't mind spring and summer because I don't get too cold.
Feeling hopeful is really cool. Look forward to your new plan ;)