Thursday, April 29, 2010

the preparation phase

Before I take the world by storm (I'm feeling quite ambitious!) I'm doing lots of preparation. That preparation is currently taking the form of an overhaul of the spare room, because I can only work in there if I actually like being in there, and at present it looks like a junk room, cum spare room, cum office.
The start of the preparation is the filing cabinet - which frankly we have just been stuffing things in for the last 5 years. It was bulging and fit to burst, so for the last 2 days I've been sorting and shredding, and re-filing. It is truly tedious but so necessary. A clean start and a fresh palette is what I need. I think it's a mental clear out as well as a physical one. 
I now have enough shredded paper to sort out any hamster or gerbil for at least a year - shame I don't have one but I think I'll offer it up on freecycle and see if anyone wants it. It might be good for paper making too.
I have kept all the envelopes though - there are hundreds of them. I have plans for these involving stitchery

I've been making some use of the new wool I purchased on holiday last week. I'm actually making something for myself for a change - just a simple crochet scarf.
The good thing about this, is that I have forced myself to look in my crochet bible and find out how to do edging. I'm happy with it, despite it not being strictly scarf weather at the moment. I might not actually have enough of the wool to finish it off - so thankfully I found some more online here. What a fab wool shop.

I also wanted to show my lovely leaving gifts from my former work colleagues. I was asked (on the quiet) if there was anything I especially wanted, so told them I'd be happy with anything Cath Kidston (well you would, wouldn't you). I received a lovely new bag, a pretty stationery box, pencil case and note paper.

I also received 4 Martini glasses and a bottle of tequila - my cocktail reputation clearly precedes me.
My quite unexpected present was a magnolia, called Eric apparently, after the variety (although I can't remember his full Latin name). I'm going to re-pot Eric into a bigger pot so if I move he can come with me.

Such lovely thoughtful gifts.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What gorgeous presents!

And it's funny because I've been spring cleaning our filing too!

Lucy x

Kirsti said...

Wow what lovely gorgeous gifts...And you have reminded me that I really need to do our filing cabinet as well - I think you put it of and put it of until you can't get any more in!!!