Sunday, February 21, 2010

do you make owls?

a question I'm often asked at craft fairs. Until now the answer has been no. So yesterday I thought to myself 'why deny the public what they want?'. It's all about demand and supply isn't it - or is that supply and demand? not that it really matters
 This one, and a few others will be available to purchase soon.

I'm not often asked for a cheeky cat in a natty bow tie, but I had to make one. This little fella has been in my head for a while


picciolo said...

very cute, I love the swirly stitching around the owls eyes
: )

Zoë Power said...

Love, love, love! Please can he be mine :)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

We love owls here too! Yours is gorgeous! Lucy x

Kyoko said...

Love your owl! you have captured so well about their big eyes ;)
Your new kitty design is lovely too. He looks like when Kumo did something naughty. So cute!
Hope you had a lovely weekend.