Sunday, February 14, 2010

a bit of everything

I'm an erratic blogger at the moment. I have plenty to blog about but can't seem to find the time (or energy) to do it, which kind of defeats the point a bit. So this post is a mish mash, a bit of everything that happened during my last week.
I received a huge bunch of flowers at work on Tuesday - they are very pretty, and were an early birthday gift from Mr Monda:
My birthday was on Wednesday. I had a really nice day - I took the day off work, slept in and pottered about in my PJ's, opening cards and pressies. My sis and nephew surprised me with a visit too. At the time I was in the bathroom and I had no idea they were standing outside waiting for me. I'm pleased to say that I wasn't naked when I came out of the bathroom (more for my nephews sake) but they did catch me singing the ever so catchy advert theme tune ''! We all went out to lunch, and then in the afternoon I went to the cinema with Mr Monda to watch 'The Wolfman'. A good film, but I found myself hiding in my scarf at times - there were a few jumpy moments.
I had some great cards:

I especially like the hand drawn card from my nephews, which is me apparently in the new jumper they had bought for me :o)

My sis made me this very pretty hat (from an original 1920's pattern). Yes, that is me, looking very tired in the pic:

 I also have some matching wristlets and a scarf on the way too. So in all in, a nice way to celebrate 34 years.

We don't really celebrate valentines day as a rule - it's all very commercial and the sentiment seems to get lost somewhat in all the fluff and red roses. You shouldn't need a special day to to say 'I love you', but any occasion that warrants a handmade card gets my vote. This is the one I made for Mr Monda this year:

and this is the one he gave me:
We often behave like a pair of monkeys so this was quite apt.
Brunch today was scrambled egg on toast - the ever so classy tomato ketchup heart is a regular feature for our Sunday breakfast/brunch meal

My mum also celebrates her birthday this coming week - I finally got my butt in gear and finished the trio of crocheted scarves for her - I hope she likes them, and if not, well they do go quite nicely with my cord jacket don't they!


Gina said...

Belated Happy Birthday!

The Curious Cat said...

Happy Birthday sweetie! It looks like you have received some lovely cards and gifts! Those flowers look gorgeous! And I love the bit about you singing moonpig! So funny! xxx

emma lamb said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
it sounds like you've had a wonderful time... and i know you're not keen miss Monda, but it is so lovely to finally see you in the flesh... :)

Kyoko said...

Hi Monda!
Happy birthday! :D You had such a great wee :D
What an amazing flower you got! Kumo and Wata eat flowers (esp. Kumo) so W got me an imitation flower LOL!

Kitty said...

A belated happy birthday Monda! So much loveliness in this post. I'm afraid I won't be giving the rice pudding a go - it's one food I just can't grow to like - but your picture makes it look wonderful. x