Friday, July 03, 2009

do you remember...

when Blur looked like this:
I do. It makes me feel old. But not so old that I can't go and jump around a park in London this afternoon/evening watching them play live.

Also today, Kyoko was kind enough to feature me and my moggies on her blog- thanks for your kind words Kyoko.

I'm going to pretty busy this next few days so no blog posts from me until next week now. If you are in the vicinity of Winchester on Sunday do pop in and say hello. I'll be at Hamdm@de Winchester along with some other very clever crafty peeps.


The Curious Cat said...

Yeah i remember -FIT!

rachelmp said...

I do, I do!!!! Good luck at the market

Kyoko said...

Hehe!! I do too! :D
Gosh, they look so young!
Thank YOU for letting me feature you and your wonderful Mellie and Stevie. I really think they are so cute (Kumo and Wata fancy them too LOL!).
Good luck at Winchester this weekend :D

Moogsmum said...

Hee hee - they look so young and fresh-faced!

It was so great to meet you today - you are every bit as lovely as I'd imagined :)

Hope the day was worth your while. Your stall looked great and Monster was absolutely thrilled with his monster - especially when he realised you'd made it!


Fabric Nation said...

Lovely to see your stall at the weekend, I think you had popped away somewhere when I was having a quick scoot round, but it looked great. I've posted a pic up on the Handmade Flickr group.

Sweet Cinnamon Kisses said...

Wit wooo!! I used to have a mega crush on Alex James....infact I still do! x