Tuesday, July 14, 2009

cornwall in pictures

we had a fab weekend Cornwall, despite the weather, which was glorious one moment and foul the next, with little warning between changes. It was hard to know what to wear. T-shirt's and umbrella's were the best combo.
We stayed just outside St Austell which in itself was not too pretty, but it was surrounded by lots of pretty places, so we ventured to Mevagissey, Pentewen and Fowey.
We camped for one night, and slept on the floor of my sisters holiday cottage another night (gale force winds and heavy rain = miesrable camping conditions).

we took lots of pics so here are a handful of my faves:

chips (that went with a pasty)
Surely not?
Mr Monda picking the buoys out of the sea
We are tall!

A bit of fun with beach debris

I've got some crafty goodness to show - this will have to wait till the next post though...


Joleo said...

That looks like a very relaxing holiday (and I don't even agree with camping).

Kate said...

lovely lovely, I love Cornwall! Too bad about the weather though - there's nothing worse than rainy camping. looks like you had a great time anyway!

The Curious Cat said...

Very gorgeous! Particularly like the chips - humble and simple but delicious!

emma lamb said...

love, love, love your beach debris art! and despite the weather it looks as though you had a lovely time... :)

oh, and i know what you mean about the weather... our dog walks have been accompanied by both my shades and an umbrella!!!


ps ~ i'm going to be getting to know my fabric stash again over the next few days, so we'll see how that goes... :)

angharad handmade said...

Great pics. Hope you had a lovely time!

Kyoko said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! I love Cornwall. Wesley and I went there last year and had a great time.
We are just back from Bournmouth. Strangely the seagulls had black face rather than all white which I thought was very interesting...
Love the beach art :D

Lena said...

Very nice photos:).