Monday, June 29, 2009


Boy was it a hot day today - 22 degrees in 7.40am on my way into work, and 29 degrees at 5.40 on my way home - I've not idea how hot it got during the day but I'd wager we were into the 30's. Our office felt like a greenhouse though because as is typical on hot days, the aircon was not working.

I had a super busy weekend. On Saturday I got the train up to Grantham to pick up our new (old) car that I bought on ebay a couple of weeks ago. I've never bought a car on ebay before and I have to say it's quite a scary thing to do. Fortunately the seller had described the car well and we got what we were expecting. We're taking it into the garage this week just to make sure it's all OK on the inside too.
On the return home we stopped off in a pretty little village (where I used to live when I was young) called Edith Weston - in Rutland. After googling for pics, I was surprised to see that my old house is now a rental cottage. It's a very pretty and tranquil olde village with very old stone cottages a plenty. Its also right on Rutland Water, again, pretty and tranquil, so I would definitely recommend a visit there.

Yesterday, I was busy making cute little jumper monsters and Kitties in preparation for Handm@de Winchester next weekend. Pics soon - not enough light tonight.

Today is my Dad's 60th birthday - happy Birthday Dad. Thanks to Parceforce (said through gritted teeth) his parcel didnt arrive in time. I made him a card too. I hope he likes it when it finally arrives tomorrow (?)Tomorrow I'll be getting on a train again, and then a hot tube across London to the O2 arena to see Kings of Leon (woot) - and if that wasn't enough excitement for one week, on Friday, I'll be in London again, this time in Hyde Park to see Blur (woot woot). Yes I am a lucky girl!


Katy said...

Parcelforce are actually a bit crap, aren't they? Hope your dad gets his parcel soon.

Bleurgh to the hot tube across london. Woot woot to kings of leon.

Joleo said...

ooo kings of leon.

Actually now I've said that I just want to say it again. Kings of Leon. You lucky thing.

Moogsmum said...

Humph to Parcel Farce!!

Kings of leon and Blur in one week would be too much excitment for me! Have a fab time :)


p.s. see you on Sunday - eeeeek!!

Kim Dellow said...

Oh fab piccy. Hope you had a good time at the gigs. Kim