Sunday, June 21, 2009

weekend fun

Why do weekends just seem to zoom by? I suppose one of the benefits of this is that I do always try to make the most of the time - a nice mixture of time spent with my family and crafting and pottering in the garden was what happened this weekend.
I went to LEGOland on Saturday with my sis/bro in law and my nephews. If you've never been, it is a nice day out - especially for kids and the landscaped grounds are lovely - needless to say a nice day was had by one and all. One of the attractions I like most is miniland - lots of different countries made from lego bricks. This is London (click on pic for supersize version):Today I've been sewing up some softies, making some cards, and pottering about in the greenhouse. Today I picked a cucumber, a couple of radishes and a strawberry from the greenhouse, so me and Mr Monda shared a bizarre and rather nouvelle cuisine style lunch of a radish each mixed with some chopped cucumber followed by half a strawberry - we really know how to live in this household!
I'll leave you with a question. Pear or Kiwi? :o)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Definitely Kiwi!!!!!

Great photos of Legoland too - I'd love to take Fred there one day (and the girls too of course!!!)

And you lunch sounds, um, interesting!

Lucy x

Katy said...

Miss G is pestering me to take her to legoland this summer, it does look like a great day out, but I think I might be tempted to start pulling at the bricks, which probably isn't allowed.

Lunch Slimming?

Loving the kiwi pear, I think that would entertain me for a long time - you won't eat him, will you?

(btw - word verification today is supper. Something you might be needing after your miniscule lunch, eh?)

emma lamb said...

oh my brain is slow this monday morning...
i thought we were talking just fruit and i'm sat here thinking... 'it's definately a pear, kiwis aren't that shape and they're a bit fuzzy!?'

anyway, a homegrown lunch sounds perfect, in a few you weeks you won't know what to do with all the stuff you've grown... :)

Jodie said...

A kiwi for sure and for certain - love that goggly eye

Gina said...

KIWI! That is brilliant!

Allie said...

you know you have a good job when you have goggly eyes on hand

love your blog

a xxxx

picciolo said...

love the kiwi(pear)! And your nephews look like little sweethearts
: )

SewHum said...

Hi Monda
Love your stuff! I just posted one of your flickr photos on my blog. Wish I could take my kids to legoland - bit far away!

Moogsmum said...

Ooh, our two are desperate to make a return trip to Legoland - it really is a great day out. My favourite is the Lego models too!

Pear, for me - every time :)