Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The papered parlour

I was reading daily candy this week, and found out about a brand spanking new craft venue in London which I wanted to share - its called The Papered Parlour
This is what they say about themselves:

The Papered Parlour, a new independent craft venue for London.
Tucked down an alley in the heart of Clapham, our space is decked out as a parlour - a home from home where we run craft classes, host performances and put on exhibitions.
Inhabited by artists, designers, musicians and theatre practitioners, we also have an onsite cafe, an artist’s studio and a beautiful gallery space available for parties and hires.

and if this isn't enough to whet your appetite, just take a look at the pics of the venue and try telling me you don't love it.

all pics are courtesy of Claire at the papered parlour. Thanks Claire :o)


The Curious Cat said...

ooo if that is in Clapham I'm going there - just up the road from me!!!

Helen said...

That looks great!