Sunday, May 03, 2009

Dig in

Before going off to the garden centre today, i thought I'd at least do a bit of research on sowing and growing, and found this excellent BBC website called 'dig in'. Well, it is quite basic, but it suits me just fine - and I think the animations are fab.
I also think Sara Cox is very funny, and she makes me feel like less of a fogie for having my little greenhouse (which was erected yesterday by Mr Monda) and growing some veggies, fruits and herbs.


Helen said...

We've got the gardening bug too. Those dig in videos are great - my children are totally enthralled by them and are taking it all very seriously. We have also been discovering quite how many garden centres there are round here!

Kyoko said...

Great video! I think tomato growing is such a good idea. :D We have a small patio. I think we can grow something there. Hopefully Kumo does not eat the plant though.... I wonder if it is more difficult to grow other veg like aubergine... YUM!