Sunday, April 20, 2008

What do you think?

Today I've been making brooches - a couple of my flower design: and some new squarer ones (below) Re the new design - I think I like them, but I'd like some feedback. What do you think? Comments and constructive criticisms welcome:I sometimes struggle with things like this because if I saw these brooches in a shop I might not necessarily buy them for myself. Everything I produce is a reflection of me and my style. I know I can't assume that just because something is not my absolute favourite then other people won't like it - and I do enjoy the making part anyway so maybe I just shouldn't worry about it too much.

I've picked out a load of felts, buttons and threads to make some more, which I'll make a start on after I've cooked the dinner - roast beef and yorkshire puddings. mmm.
In unrelated craft news, I've had a snotty nose and a sore throat all weekend - I've been dosing up on cold and flu remedy and drinking plenty but I'd really like it to go away now because it's making me feel lethargic, and I have way too much to do to feel like this - I've only got a few weeks (and only one weekend) left before the May Day Fair which I have a stall at - along with my sister, who incidentally now has a blog, and indeed an etsy shop (not open just yet) - yes, she has caved into the pressure - she's very new to all of this so please be kind to her :o)


Lesley said...

I love your new brooches - the orange square one is my favourite! Good luck with getting everything ready for the fair.

I must go and pay your sister a visit now :)


dottycookie said...

I like the square ones though I think I prefer the flower ones.

We had roast beef and yorkshire oud tonight too - and cauliflower cheese as a special treat. And now my tumy hurts ...

Kitty said...

When a friend and I had a craft stall there were things we made that other people liked much more than we did - it's weird isn't it?

I adore your flower brooches, but the squares are pretty too.

Sorry to hear you've been poorly - get well soon.


PS Saw all your comments at MM's place about the word verification. You're mad! The one I have sitting there before me now is rmmsohwg: what are you going to make out of that, eh? :-p x

Jodie said...

Great brooches. I would probably buy the flower one for Miss 16 but a square one for myself. I can't wait to hear how the fair goes.

emma & spanner said...

I really like the brown and pink flower brooch. The colours are great and it's quite a simple but striking piece. It's definately something I would choose for myself.

The square brooches are a bit too fussy for me. But I do like the way you're showing off a really beautiful button with them.

We had roast pork yesterday - lots of lovely crackling!

Good luck with the fair.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

First up, the brooches, the flower ones make me happy (especially the blue one) but the square ones interest me because of the textures and because I know how nice and fat they will feel - I love layer upon layer of felt!

Secondly, sorry to hear you are feeling poorly - I hope it clears really quickly

And Thirdly - off to visit your sister now!

Lucy xxx