Wednesday, April 16, 2008

on my desk on a wednesday

well this is kind of cheating because this is not my desk - but it is my ironing board!I've finally got around to cutting up all the blankets I have felted - I have kept half of everything for my own crafty endeavours - and half of it is cut up and portioned into bundles ready to go into my shop - I just need to go off and measure each piece in the bundle. Each bundle will contain 5 colours.

In answer to a question by Lucy (which I couldn't respond to directly) I get wool blankets from all over the place - you have to be fairly lucky to find them in charity/thrift shops though as they tend to get snapped up pretty quickly - unless you make friends with the charity shop assistants. You can buy from ebay too - but then you have to pay pretty hefty postal charges. In a couple of days you will also be able to get blanket bundles from my esty shop :o)

After watching my bro running in the London Marathon on Sunday I was totally shattered and felt like I had actually been running a marathon! This is my bro at 24.5 miles (he looks really well doesn't he) I think the people at the vittel water stand (in the background) were really laughing and smiling because we were making such a massive noise cheering him on We trecked around London and watched and waited to see him. I spent the best part of 45 mins on my tip toes on the step of a pub doorway trying to see over the masses of people, and at another point I was standing on a 4 foot high wall clinging onto railings with one hand and waving madly with the other (not to mention a few screams thrown in for good measure).
Being a supporter is quite exhausting, but it was a really good day, and well worth going to cheer on the people doing the running - you could tell that they appreciated it.

This pic shows the masai warriors - apparently they thought it was easy - especially as they didn't have to worry about Lions chasing them as they do at home!

The most disturbing/funny thing I saw was a man running in a Borat thong and nothing else. For those who don't know what a borat thong is, here is a pic:
Crazy indeed!


Kitty said...

Eeeeeeeek at the Borat Thong :-O Must've been freezing in that little thing!

Congratulations to your brother - everyone who ran and made money for charity is a hero.

I'll be looking out for those bundles in the Etsy shop :-D x

Lesley said...

Scarily enough I saw a very similarly clad man on the beach in Devon last year. I was so amazed at his skimpy apparel I had to take a photo - with a very zoom lens so's not appear pervy :)

Huge well done to your brother on running the marathon - he looks remarkably good at 20+miles - I'd look dead by that point!

I loved the Masai warriors - I bet they were freezing cold!!


dottydesigns said...

oh my that man is so funny, what a thong! is it a mara-thong sorry that was bad! Well done to your brother, I admire anyone that can run, I have always hated running, walking and cycling are more my thing. greatstuff and your blankies look good too. x

Jodie said...

oooh eeeeerrr, How can anyone move in that thong thing - let alone run?
Your felted blankets look very snuggly.

dottycookie said...

Oh my goodness that last picture has made me feel a bit queasy!

Good for your brother though - I have endless admiration for anyone who makes it through a marathon.

orange you lucky! said...

Boy, the Borat picture sure was unexpected. That is hard to pull off look for any man...eeeekkk...
Cheers to your brother! I get tired shopping, I can't imagine running a marathon.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Very huge congratulations to your brother - I'm very impressed as I couldn't run to the top of the street!

Very concerned by the Borat thong-runner and even more concerned by my good friend Lesley thinking it is less pervy to use a zoom lens to photograph thongs on beaches than a normal one! I'm off to have words with her now.

Lucy x

twiggypeasticks said...

Oh that thong is very disturbing, how could the bloke run and keep everything in place? must have used toupee tape - urgh!!! Anyhoo, well done your bro and lovely felted blankets, they look so soft

Monkee Maker said...

Can't believe that your bro looks as fresh as the daisies on his top at 24 and a half miles in .... are you sure he hadn't just started??

Much kudos to him and all the other fit people who took part .... and to you for having the stamina for all that cheering!

Word verif :- lxxpasgy .... Lovely X-rated X-treme Pecker And Sac Gusset Yikes!

What? .... you started it!


Monkee Maker said...

Hmm. Were they really REALLY true??

Ok, in the spirit of fairness, I'll give it one more shot ... even though you're a couple up on me ...

lrbkjbah : Largely Rubbish Blogging Knittist Jabbers Bull At Home

.... what can I say ... it's late, I'm tired, RGH is already snoring, I'm off! (why couldn't that have been the word verification??)


Lucy said...

thanks for telling about the blankets...I have bougt a cole of jumpers from ebay but despite boiling the life out of them they looked exactly the same as when they went in!! I shall have to stalk your etsy shop :D

Lucy x