Saturday, April 12, 2008

My PIF recipients are...

Thanks to the random number generator - the 3 chosen numbers were: 1, 9 and 10
So this means the PIF recipients are:
Ladies, I promise to get your PIF gift to you at some point during the next year (as per the rules of PIF). Once you receive your PIF gift from me you must them pay it forward to 3 more people (within a year from when you received the gift from me). Please can you all email me with you addresses - I think you all have my email address (?)

a couple of pics to share with you. This is what happens when felt goes wrong:This is needle punched wool felt which I tried to wash in the washing machine - I had to forcibly stop the washing machine after 10 minutes when it broke up into little balls.

and something much nicer:Some new moo cards, and 2 books moo sticker books. I'm going to be stickering everything!

No more crafting for me this weekend. My crazy brother is running in the London Marathon tomorrow so I'll be spending all day in London trying to pick him out of a crowd of millions of runners whilst shouting a lot and waving my arms, like all good supporters should :o)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Now that is exciting news (and no, I don't mean about your brother - although good luck to him too (mad fool!!!))

Thank you very much for randomly picking me!!!!

Lucy x

dottydesigns said...

Thank you monda I am so excited, thank you random generator, and I agree with Lucy mad fool for being so energetic on a Sunday morning, I will look out for a mad woman waving her arms too. x

Gina said...

Oooh! I'm very excited so thank you to the random generator for picking me.
Good luck to your brother - I've done it twice so know what it's like. Hard but exhilerating! Shout very loud!
Gina x

Kitty said...

Very good luck to your brother - the London Marathon broadcast is on our tv as I type. He should maybe sport a logo of 'Monda Loves' so we ccan all cheer him on?

Look forward to seeing the PIF gifts and hope to be able to take part next time.


Katy said...

My friend is running the marathon too - the FOOL!!!!

Lesley said...

I hope your brother got on well at the marathon - we watched it on TV - he wasn't the one dressed as the Rhino, was he?!!!

Most impressed with Gina having run it twice too!

That wool felt isn't one of my favourite things you've done....hope you don't mind me saying....