Saturday, April 26, 2008

are you getting bored of this yet?

yes I am still going on about brooches and I think I'm boring myself now. Please bear with me and this post on brooches - they're not all mine this time.

First up is this zip brooch - I just thought this was such a clever thing to do with a zip - it came from hereSecond was a lovely surprise for me - Sarah from pink petal designs contacted me after seeing one of my brooches to tell me that she wanted to send me some buttons - how could I refuse such a kind offer? The buttons arrived yesterday along with this pretty crochet pink brooch, thanks so much for your kindness Sarah, yet more evidence that bloggy people are lovely
Some of my latest brooches - a black, white and grey version which looks great on my black coat, and a colourful WIP:
Mr Monda thinks that this one looks like a cake - I'm inclined to agree with him, maybe was thinking about cake at the time (?) - perhaps I should sew on some sides and a bottom and make it into a pin cushion
Today and tomorrow I have monster making on the agenda - not a brooch in sight :o)


Lesley said...

I LOVE your zip brooch!!! What a brilliant idea!

Good luck with the monster making!


emma & spanner said...

That zip brooch is really cool, at first I thought it was lots of beads sewn to the edge of a piece of ribbon!

I think the brown brooch would make a fab little cake pin-cushion.

Looking forward to the monsters!

Lavender hearts said...

I love the zip brooch it's so unique!