Thursday, March 20, 2008

thick wool felt, where art thou?

I have been looking for a UK supplier of thick wool felt - 3mm thick felt is what I'm after.
Google has usually been my friend in such times of need, but it has failed me on this occasion.
Has anyone bought thick wool felt from a UK supplier? Failing this, does anyone know of a good supplier outside of the UK where I can get thick wool felt?

You might be wondering why I need such a thing - well this is one of the reasons:I bought a small supply of thick felt from ebay a little while back and I've just about run out of it now.
I have also tried layering thinner felt but I prefer this design when I use thicker felt - this green brooch has 3 layers of thinner felt:Any suggestions as to where to buy would be very gratefully received.

I know I sometimes bemoan my day job because it restricts my time for making, but it does obviously have it's perks too. Today was definitely one of those days, as it is the day when I receive my annual bonus, and very nice it was too! I haven't spent it yet, but I do have my eyes on a few things that I would love to buy - one of them being a new bernina sewing machine. Mr Monda has asked me if I think I really need a 4th sewing machine - well, like bags and shoes, you can never have enough sewing machines right? What a silly question.

I'm now beginning a 4 day break from work and I have absolutely no plans to do anything except of course devoting a bit of time to making.

Also I just wanted to say a 'hello' and 'welcome' to the people who have recently found my blog or who have de-lurked and left me lovely comments. Lovely comments (and even a few constructive ones) are always welcome.


dottydesigns said...

Hi monda, I might know somewhere that you can get wool blanket type fabric, not sure if that is any good to you? let me your brooches, I would be proud to wear one. too many sewing machines...good gracious..I'm sure you can never have too many. Have a lovely break.

Lesley said...

I've always thought 4 was a very nice round number! I've got 4 machines plus an embellisher! In my defence, yer honour, one is over 100 years old, one is my late Mum's, one is very basic and the other is my lovely new baby!!!

I love your flowers - so pretty :)

I hope you have a lovely relaxing Easter weekend,

Lesley xx

Dragonfly said...

Have you tried Torbay Textiles? Not sure if it's 3mm, but it's pretty thick. The colours are lovely.

lucykate crafts... said...

i was just about to suggest torbay too, here,

their premier felt is 5mm thick

if not, have you tried fusing several layers of felt together with felting needles?

will let you know if i can remember anywhere else for felt : )

Giusypatch - Italian handmade said...

Oh, I discovered your shop on Flickr, love those! I added you on my bloglines!
Happy sewing, Giusypatch

Melanie said...

I have 2 things in common with you. I too am looking for a good quality felt supplier(in AU tho) and I dont think 4 sewing machines is too much, infact, clearly husbands need to acknowledge that jewelry and new sewing machines combined make the perfect gift. Especially when they are given often. (yeah i know, im dreaming)
your flowers are gorgeous!

Gina said...

Quite agree... can never have enough sewing machines especially a lovely new Bernina! Those brooches are gorgeous!
Gina x

apple cyder said...

A fourth sewing machine sounds reasonable to me! Love the flowers and good luck with your felt search.

Kitty said...

A new Bernina is surely the last sewing machine one would ever need - perhaps Mr Monda might be more understanding if he thought it might never happen again? ;-)

I am head over heels with those brooches. x

temi said...

I don't know if you have found a UK supplier yet but Handmade Present are UK based and they do thick felts in various sizes.

Just type in Handmade Presents thick wool felts to your search engine and you should find their site.

Melissa Jasper said...

I am not sure about where in the Uk but I get mine from American felt and craft,
I love thier their thick plushy wool and the shipping was super fast. I am not sure if they ship to the Uk but you could ask.