Monday, March 17, 2008


It's time for a spring clean. Pop over to my esty shop - I'm having a monster sale!

You can find monsters for £3.99 ($8) and £4.99 ($10)
And all easter cards are half price, so now you get 2 cards for just £1.49 ($3)

Edit - click on the sale banner - it goes straight to my shop - how fancy is that!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Good luck with your sale! I'm afraid I would be in a lot of trouble with Mr Locket if I spent any more money after Friday!!!! Hope it goes well. Lucy xx

Lesley said...

Woooohoooo Monda - you just won my giveaway!!!

Go and have a look if you think I'm kidding!!



Sal said...

What a great shop and a lovely blog...have just discovered it!Sal;-)

Lisa said...

Ohhhh, these are so adorable. What a fun project. Such a pleasure to browse all your wonderful etsy items. Creative eye candy!

Katy said...

clever clogs - that is a very fancy banner link thingy!

Anonymous said...