Saturday, March 29, 2008

home alone

Not the film with McCauley Culkin, but me, I am home alone with only my snoozing cats for company. Mr Monda is soaking up the sun (and plenty of beer at a guess) in Malaga on a stag do with his friends (not his stag do incidentally!). He called me to tell me that it's 27 degrees out there and really sunny. Doesn't really compare with our 10 degree rainy day does it. Still at least I don't have to feel guilty about spending time on the computer and sewing machine.
I can never really be bothered to cook for myself if I'm on my own though - so I end up eating easy food for one (like scrambled eggs). I love cooking but it doesn't really seem worth it for just one person.

I'm going to do a shop update tomorrow - with brooches and a new monster or two (depends how much I get done today).
This is one of my latest brooches - made using a pink felted jumper - I tried a closeup pic so you can see just how lovely this felted jumper is:
I also received the wool knitted felt which I ordered from Torbay Textiles:
It varies in thickness and feltyness and is quite nice. The only thing I would say this felt is that it is not sold in very big pieces which is a shame (9x15cm).
This is not so much of a problem though because I'm kind of hooked on felting old woolen jumpers now - I get excited when the washing machine has finished and i can check out what the jumper has become! Sad I know.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

That brooch is gorgeous and that new felt had me rushing straight over to Torbay Textiles to oggle! I keep asking my dad if he has any "worn out" cashmere jumpers I can play with but I am always firmly and politely rebuffed!

Have fun playing!

Kitty said...

The brooch is lovely - but I still have my eye on the brown one ;-) As for the felt - isn't it yummy? Makes me want to reach out and touch it.


dottydesigns said...

hi monda, hope you are getting lots of sewing done. I was like Lucy and had an ogle at torbat textiles, what loveliness!!x

Gina said...

Can't wait for those brooches to arrive in your shop - think I may be lurking all day tomorrow! Though fear "Mr Fan My Flame" wants to use the computer! Off to Torbay Textiles - the colours of the felt are gorgeous.

Lesley said...

I love your brooch and the pink felted fabric is gorgeous! I too have to go for a lurk at Torbay Textiles :)
I keep haunting the charity shops for something to felt but they are full of acrylic round here!!