Thursday, March 13, 2008

a herd, some awards and a rant.

hmm, so I didn't manage to keep to my schedule and do all the things I had planned in my last post. I sometimes forget the need for a bit of R&R. Having a full time job and being creative in your own time is a bit tiring at times - being able to switch off is difficult too - especially when you workspace is your dining table in the corner of your living room. I keep seeing pics of peoples work spaces and work rooms and I have space envy!

Question - What is the collective term for a group of rabbits?
Mr Monda suggested it's a 'squad'. I like 'herd', it has a certain ring to it doesn't it? 'ooh, look at that herd of rabbits' no?
Well here is my herd - and they'll be hopping into my etsy shop later:
Also this week I was twice awarded a 'you make my day' award. Firstly from the lovely ladies at Buttonberry, and then from Kitty. It's so nice to think that I actually make someone's day.
I might now unmake a few peoples day however because I am officially copping out of passing it on to 20 people for 2 reasons really - I'm not really a fan of these chain letter type things, and the rebel in me makes me want to break the chain, so I know I'm in for 100 years of bad luck and blah blah blah but I'm totally OK with that. Secondly, I think writing someone a personal comment is as nice if not better than an award, so if I have commented on your blog I have not done it on a whim, I've done it because I appreciate what you do - you inspire me, give me some non fattening eye candy to look at, your write beautifully or you make me laugh.
On this note - it's a good time for me to say thanks to all those people who drop by and leave me a comment or helpful suggestion. This is what makes my day.

Sorry for sounding like a grumpy bum. I know I'll probably never receive an award again - unless it's a 'you're an ungrateful grumpy bum' award, then of course I'll well and truly deserve it :o)


dottydesigns said...

Love the middle rabbit of the 'herd'! I especially like his nose, i feel the urge to sort of squeeze it, not hard just gently in a friendly way. that sounds a bit wierd, its not meant to be, ok I'm waffling now. Glad you got an award, you make my day 'cos i like seeing what you have created. X

Lesley said...

'cos I'm a geek at heart I had to go and look up the collective noun for rabbits!!
It's a colony - boring, huh?
I'm sure I could make up a better one than that!

I'm glad you got an award. I like getting them but the passing on thing stresses me out in case anyone I forget to mention gets offended - oh, the pressure!

Pleased to know I'm not the only one crafting in a corner - I dream of a clean bright craft space all of my very own :)


Rachelmp said...

You could call them a stash of bunnies - technical quilting term? They are very nice though and bunny creators can be grumpy every now and again! I have a table corner too, but its spreading...

Molly said...

Down with chain-blogging! I am with you on that one, as well as the space envy. I set up shop on my dining room table. Great group of bunnies you have there....

Kitty said...

I'm crafting on the dining room table too - 'snot fair is it? :-(

Glad you got the awards, and I'm with you on the passing on thing. If it's relevant I pass it on - sometimes to oodles of people. If I don't want to however, then I don't. It's YOUR blog - you do what the hell you like with it. And speaking personally I think what you do with it is rather lovely. :-D


Monkee Maker said...

Aww, what a cute gaggle of bunnies!

And I'm with you on the chain-letter-type-passing-on-doo-dah-thingy. I usually just thank people politely and then do nothing with it.

Which is probably very rude, but on the other hand, I don't mind if people don't give them to me, as then I don't have that predicament. Is this making any sense? Thought not. Hmm. Maybe it would be best if I went back to bed for a couple of hours. Or the day.

Happy Sunday anyway.


Summer by the sea said...

There's certainly a lot of bunny making being done at the moment! - I enjoyed reading your blog - Natalie x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Lovely bunnies Monda! And I love those notepads in your next post too! Still trying to recover from Friday's adventure - too long a day for an old lady like me!!!

I agree with you about the tagging - it just gets stressful trying to include everyone, but then again when you are first starting out on a blog it is a bit lonely if you don't get tagged - hmmm a tricky one! I suppose if we all stop tagging (which will happen soon) then the awards will end too. But I agree with you as well about not liking chain letter thingys - I have been teaching the children to ignore them too so I need to do as I say don't I?

Sorry random ramblings from me tonight!

Lucy xxx