Wednesday, January 16, 2008

today is a good day

This is a rare non craft related blog post today.

Last night I had a really good sleep - well at least 6 hours which is much better than what was becoming the pattern of not dropping off the sleep until 3am and having to get up for work just a few hours later. Maybe the Nytol herbal sleeping tablets are actually working.

So, I was feeling in a pretty good mood today on arrival at work. I then had one of those days where everything goes to crap. I managed the crap, stressful as it was, and was glad when I could come home.

Before Christmas Mr Monda took redundancy from his job and has been at home since the start of January. We're not really worried about him being at home because he is a talented designer and he will be snapped up soon enough but he's in a position where he can be choosy about what he goes for next. Anyway, the thing that is nice for me is that he is actually at home when I get in from work (which never ever happened when he had a job - he often didn't get home till 7.30 most evenings). Today he was waiting with a gift for me of a pair of new shoes - which he paid for and which I had wanted for a while. Nice.Stevie promptly took up residence in the shoe box where she has been for the last few hours:they are puma shoes - and it actually looks like I have bought a baby puma

Today is also good because the long awaited new series of torchwood starts tonight.
If you miss it, you can catch it on BBCiplayer which is really fab. I love all this new technology, especially when it means you can watch television shows on your computer.

BBC have also been running a series called Elephant Diaries. It's about elephants that have been orphaned, mainly because poachers have killed their parents (for ivory). The orphaned elephants are looked after until they are old enough to be put back into the wild. It's heart wrenching and heart warming at the same time. If you missed it you can catch it again on iplayer here (each show is about 25 mins).

Now to answer a few questions from comments on my last blog post:
dottydesigns, I bought my linen on etsy from Namolio
Picciolo - thanks for de-lurking :o) As you have probably seen, a much better sleep last night, so I would recommend Nytol Herbal (I never got around to the hot chocolate as we ran out of milk!) and also a good book might help too. I'm currently enjoying this one


Anonymous said...

Hi Monda thanks for the link for the linen, I've justt been very naughty and ordered some. yipee can't wait to get it now. thanks again, dottydesigns

Lisa said...

Haha i love the puma in the shoe box. I have panthers that regularly take up residence in teeny boxes, why do they do that?? Yes i am using my smashing 'bags for life' even though i wince when they get dirty!! xx Lisa xx

The Devil Makes Work said...

Hiya, loving your blog. It's a small world, I also get my linen from Namilio!!! She does fantastic stuff.

Anonymous said...

Yummy new shoes (how sweet!!!!) and yummy kitty in a box!!