Saturday, January 12, 2008

feeling brighter

my cold seems to be abating at last and generally I feel a bit brighter. Thanks for all the lovely comments from everyone - I can't reply to comments from everyone directly (I think we are too security conscious and have a 'no reply' setting to our blogs comments - I know I do, and I don't know how to remove it).

Firstly I want to say 'hello' to Julia who has found my blog - you know who you are Ju and I'm saying no more about it.

So, lots of good things to report today:
my limby monsters have finally made their way into my esty shop:
my fabric stash has arrived - its all linen in varying weights, colours and sizes:
and I've already used some of the green linen for my tree in this:I think I might frame this one and keep it, but there will be more in varying designs on the way for my shop.

my new print from TskTsk arrived too:
and the other thing I was going to show you were these really lovely pouches:I bought one for my mobile phone and one for my i-pod. You can of course find these on etsy here

If you're up for a valentines themed swap then get yourself over to Lucy Locket before 8pm tomorrow evening and join in I'm off to get my hands on my new fabric...


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oooo some lovely eye-candy in this post Monda - especially your embroidered picture, can't wait to see more of them! And thanks for the swap-plug!!! Lucy x

Maureen said...

I past by....and I really love your blog.
and all that linnen, I am looking for it, maybe you want tell me where I can find those bundles.....

With love from The Netherlands!