Wednesday, January 23, 2008

book envy anyone?

Today, I finally received 2 books which were supposed to be christmas presents but they fell off father Christmas's sleigh. They arrived just as I was leaving for work so I stashed them away in my work bag and had a quick peek at them during my break today. I'll be engrossed in them most the evening I'm sure.

This is one of the finished cards I have been making: I still have a fair few on the go which I also wanted to finish tonight but its already late so maybe they will have to wait until tomorrow.

I also just have to mention one of the kindest and nicest blog buddies I know.
I put in an order at the weekend with paper and string for some new felt and some other bits and bobs. They arrived very promptly yesterday, in lovely packaging (as per usual), along with a surprise gift for me of a little pile of linen. It always overwhelms me when people are so generous like this, especially when they are blog buddies you've never met before. So a public mention of gratitude is fitting I think - thanks Sarah :o)

Wednesday = Torchwood. Did anyone else find Torchwood a bit too far fetched and overly indulgent last week?


Kitty said...

Oooh, I got the 'Plush-o-rama' book last week! Isn't it lovely?

I think those sad 'bye' cards are absolutely lovely.

Take care. x

Lesley said...

Yup, feeling the book envy big over here!!

I just love your cards - I wish I was leaving too!!

Lesley xx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Big book envy here too! Can you send Santa and his present dropping sleigh up north please! Lucy x

Anonymous said...

I have both those books they have such lovely creatures in them but ilove your monsters too. and lucky you with extra freebies! x

paper-and-string said...

*blush* you're more than welcome, can't wait to see what the books inspire you to make next :-)

Monkee Maker said...

Oh - those books look fab! I'll have a dollop of book envy please.

That paper-and-string, she sure packs some lovely goodies


Katy said...

Sarah is fab isn't she? I love her!
I wish I could visit your card shop at work, it looks rather good! What great cards.
I haven't popped by for ages (sorry!) so I'm going tohave a proper read through what you've been up - but I love the pic of Stevie in the box. (I spotted that straight away!)