Sunday, December 09, 2007

oh christmas tree

As I predicted, it has been a really busy weekend. Saturday morning first thing I was at ikea buying a dining table. I have one already but what I really wanted was one that extends, and now I have one - a nice solid birch one. After eating an ikea hotdog (with mustard and ketchup) for breakfast I was home by 12, and next on the agenda was a trip to Windsor to do some christmas shopping, but it really started to rain a lot, and I was also overcome with tiredness so we decided to leave the shopping till Sunday and build the new table - which meant almost dismantling the entire room to have space to build it. Feeling the need to do something semi constructive with the remainder of the day, I decided to wash living room curtains (I'm so rock and roll!)

Sunday - Christmas shopping in Windsor - bought a few bits and a nice skirt for my christmas party on Friday but my heart really wasn't in it so I left at 2.30. On the way home I headed for B&Q (DIY store) to get some brackets for the curtain pole I had bought in ikea, but I couldn't even get near B&Q because the queues of traffic were massive - I guess everyone was buying christmas tree's and decorations, so instead I went to the local garden centre and bought a christmas tree, which is now decorated and sparkling in my living room.

Stevie hasn't seen a Christmas tree before, so immediately investigated by climbing in it:We had to quarantine her into the spare room whilst we decorated it, otherwise we would have had all kinds of carnage on our hands.

Here are some decorations I couldn't resist buying in accessorize today. The knitted christmas puds are lovely This is a selection of my decorations before they are on the tree:and here is my lovely tree:We have put quite a few bells around the bottom so we can hear when stevie in attacking it!
And lastly, this pic is for Sarah - I bought some of her decs and they look great on my tree - The snowman fits in perfectly with the red and white theme - Sarah you are a clever clogs indeed!
I feel like I'm coming down with a head cold - I've been sniffing and sneezing all weekend - so I think an early (ish) night is in order.
Tomorrow I'll be giving away a few of my christmas cards, so pop back if you'd like some freebies.


Anonymous said...

great tree! A one very cute kitty too.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your tree looks lovely! We hope to decorate ours tonight. It was meant to be done on Saturday but the tree was too wet, then Sunday but we went to my parents and so it MUST be done tonight or the children will kill me!!! lucy x

Rubyred said...

Your tree looks so lovely,very festive,love the xmas pud decorations!

paper-and-string said...

your tree looks great :-)
maybe you could add some ribbon to Stevie and pretend he's supposed to be there!! LOL-he is cute !!
merry Christmas xxxxx