Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas card freebie winner

in a very non technical, cut up a post it note draw, the winner is monkee maker! MM - the cards will be in the post for you tomorrow.

Christmas seems to be taking up way too much time effort and energy this year. I love christmas time but I feel a bit bah-humbug at the minute - probably because I still feel a bit poorly - I dragged myself into work for the last 2 days, but today I admitted defeat and stayed at home. I have the Christmas ball on Friday so I need to feel better for then.

This weekend, Mr Monda's parents are coming to visit, which is fine, they're nice people as in-laws go, but I've still go some last minute christmas gifts to buy and it has to be this weekend as next weekend I'll be seeing my family for the christmas present swap, so I guess I'm going to have to excuse myself and pop off to the shops.
Mr Monda's birthday is on Monday (how inconvenient, just before christmas) so I need to be prepared for this too - and I'm not quite prepared yet, so a shopping trip tomorrow after work is needed.
I haven't made anything for what seems like ages. I'd like to say that I'd made these Christmas decorations: but alas no, I bought them from a lovely local shop that sells all kinds of oldy worldy stuff.

I had a second secret santa last night (another work night out) and got the best presents - a monkey mug, some charlie and lola plasters, a pencil with a Russian doll on the top, and some deco tape. Of course I don't know who bought this for me, but it's someone who knows me pretty well
I love Lauren Child's Charlie and Lola illustrations - she is very clever indeed.


AnnieB said...

Hi, thanks for you comment on my blog - will check out that felt. I had noticed the P&S shop before but wasn't sure how much % wool felt needed to feel "nice". All I know is the stuff I got from a craft suppliers online is really nasty and I need to source something more pleasant

thanks again
AnnieB X

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Lucky MonkeeMaker and fab secret santa gifts for you - what a lovely selection! I'll have to try to get some of those Charlie and Lola plasters for the children! Lucy x

Monkee Maker said...

Oh wow, thanks Monda, I'll look forward to receiving your gorgeous cards :)

Truly fabulous secret santa goodies .... loving that mug!

And I hope you'll be feeling better soon for a couple of weekends of entertaining.