Thursday, December 06, 2007

cards = haircut

I've been really busy this last few nights finishing off christmas cards. Stupidly I didn't take any pics - they just got packed up and taken into work to sell there. I sold £22.50 worth today - not so bad although I have to say they are a steal considering the amount of time I have spent on them - it's just a good job I like doing these things because I really don't make any money on them.

If I have a few left after work tomorrow I might pop a couple into the etsy shop and maybe have a last minute christmas freebie - we'll see how it goes.

£22.50 paid for a haircut today (a work colleague cuts my hair for half the price I'd pay at a salon)
Christmas party season is here. In the next week I have 3 Christmas nights out with work. One is tomorrow - a team thing, one on Tuesday - another team thing, and the one on Friday next week is one that I have been organising - a black and white masquerade ball for the entire company. A sneaky peak at my glitzy mask:And lastly, I've found some great stuff on etsy lately so I thought it rude not to share this lovely litte owl made by thecupcakegirlsNow I'm off to wrap my secret santa gift for tomorrow, which also means I'll get my first christmas pressie tomorrow, woohoo.

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