Wednesday, August 24, 2011

lovely pear

You've got to love a pear with leaves!

Do you freecycle? I used it a while back to pass on an exercise bike that we only used as a clothes horse, but I've also picked up a few things which people want to give away. I collected lots of little plant pots earlier in the year which were perfect for my seedlings, and this week I collected 2 bags of pears from a lady who had 2 trees in her garden and more pears than she could cope with.
My friend is getting married later in the year and has requested some homemade chutney from me (to go with her bread and cheese buffet). I've never made pear chutney before but I've found a recipe here which I'll give a go. I also thought I'd give this pear jam a go too.
Blog readers, do you have any other good pear recipes that you could point me in the direction of?

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