Monday, August 15, 2011

barcode dogs

This weekend my nephew's came to stay with us. Amongst other things that 4 and 6 year old boys like to do, we made some barcode dogs:
Rory (4) drew 'Bernut' with some food. I like that he has 5 legs!

Finlay (6) drew sausage dogs going for a walk

Me (35) drew a happy barking dog

I'd actually seen this idea in a great book which my nephew's had borrowed from the library a few weeks ago (it could have been this one). We raided the recycle bin to find everything with a bar code on it - packaging, receipts, magazines etc. We glued the barcodes to a sheet of paper and photocopied them, then cut them out, stuck them onto card and drew our dogs - topping them off with googly eyes.
This is a really quick and fun thing to do. It kept the boys entertained for a while anyway!

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trash said...

Are you sure that fifth one is a leg? It is just that watching Crufts this we saw things that would make you question!