Wednesday, July 13, 2011

feeling lucky

This week I'm feeling lucky, for I have been the recipient of two lovely gifts from complete strangers.

Firstly, I won a upgrade to my carbonmade portfolio, courtesy of pattern observer.
Pattern observer is a fairly new to me blog. Go and have a look - it's a really nice blog for pattern-o-philes (I'm not sure that this is an actual word - you might not find it in the Oxford English dictionary). Up until now, I had a basic (and free) carbonmade account but I'd used up my limit of images so this has come at a great time - I'll be adding more to my portfolio in the coming weeks.

On the subject of patterns, I've been working away quietly on some new patterns this week. These are ideas for wrapping paper for men:

My second stroke of luck this week was a visit from the Fairy Hobmother.
I was reading Ali's blog last week - she had been visited by the Fairy Hobmother - a fairy that grants kitchen related wishes.  So, I made a wish, somewhat optimistically for a new Fridge Freezer, thinking nothing would come of it.
My wish didn't come true because frankly it was a very pie in the sky kind of wish, however the Fairy Hobmother saw my wish, paid me a little visit and gifted me an amazon voucher.

So ask yourself, are you feeling lucky? Close your eyes, make a wish and type it into the comment box on this post. The Fairy Hobmother (a nice man called David from Appliances Online) might be just be listening and maybe, just maybe, he'll pay you a visit too.

I wondered if this little run of luck would stretch to a Euromillions win so bought myself 3 tickets yesterday. Clearly this was wishful thinking as I didn't win anything at all, although someone in the UK had the only winning ticket in the jackpot - a cool (and frankly scary... but I wouldn't say no) 161 million pounds.


RavenJoolz said...

Hi. Well it is worth a try! I have a fridge freezer that has the freezer at the top held shut with a bungy cord and the fridge at the bottom looks awful after the whole side caught fire when it was next to the oven! The plastic trim melted and although it works (just) it is very moody. All I would wish for is a fridge freezer with the fridge at the top and the freezer at the bottom (so the cats can stop hooking it open to 'browse'). There, I have made my wish and sent it out to whom-so-ever is listening....

RahRah Repeats said...

Oh this sounds very interesting. I wish for a kenwood chef or any sort of cake batter mixer upper!!

Congratulations on your lucky streak, shame it didn't continue with the euromillions. Who needs 161 million anyway?

Moogsmum said...

I may have been a bit greedy wishing for a new kitchen on Ali's blog but actually I would dearly love a new liquidizer. My twenty year old Kenwood liquidizer finally gave up the ghost last month and I'm just beginning to realise how much I used it!

I love your new patterns, by the way :o)


Joanne said...

Oh how lovely. Any sort of Fairy granting wishes would be good :)

As we're going to start turning my wee craft room into a utility room (small people create a lot of washing) I would have to wish for a washing machine that doesn't make scary noises whenever I use it, and heaven of heavens, a tumble dryer. (No garden means no drying opportunities).

Of course I'd reject the lot for a kitchen aid mixer in red ;)

Haven't seen the issue of Mollie Makes in the flesh but brilliant for you to be in it!!

pop-i-cok said...

ooh I like wishes....I wish for a Joseph Joseph chopping board set ...not too ambitious... i always mean to buy one but then think my hard earned cash would be better spent on shoes or mac makeup and I just put up with the crappy chopping board I have... oh and if the fairy hobmother is feeling super generous I'd like the food prep bowls to go with it....and a full set of pantone mugs please :-)

Annie said...

Liking the patterns :)

I'd wish for a stick blender as mine just died ... RIP little whizzy tool :(

Ali said...

I'm so pleased for you! He's a generous fairy, for sure. And I like pattern 2 very much, and 3.