Tuesday, March 15, 2011

fruit and veg and kitchen things

Joseph Joseph recently ran a competition to design a worktop saver. Here are a few of the designs I created:
apples and pears in green
apples and pears in orange
apples and pears in red

vegetable soup - this is my fave design
time for tea - using a variation of vegetable soup in green
time for tea and flowers

I really enjoyed working on these patterns. I'd love it if one of my designs won, but regardless of this, my aim at the moment is to have a variety of work in my portfolio in my ongoing attempt to take the surface pattern world by storm. Well that's the plan anyway.


Rachel said...

Fab designs! I particularly love the apples and pears in red!

anna said...

ooo, i love these! if vegetable soup really was a worktop saver, i definitely buy several :)

Hoola Tallulah said...

OoOoOoh so much luffliness, the apples and pears on red is my fave, thinking tea towels and tablecloths, so cheerful!