Thursday, March 17, 2011


At the weekend we started the decorating task in the living room.
This is what it looked like before we started:

We took off the skirting boards and picture rails and started stripping the walls. Our flat is 2 level semi detached maisonnette that was build in the 1950's. I was really hoping that we would find some really cool 50's/60's funky wallpaper underneath the paper we were stripping off - but sadly we didn't.
There is a fairly cool retro graphic print on the walls which may well have been wallpaper at some point. Maybe the colour from the wallpaper seeped through to the walls over time.
This is the first wall we uncovered:
I already prefer this to the wallpaper!

After uncovering this, we went onto uncover something a bit more interesting:

The remainder of the walls have some hand painted elements - mostly a frame with decorations around the edges.
We won't be keeping these 'feature walls' in our new scheme for the living room, but it did make the wallpaper stripping a bit more interesting.
The jobs for this weekend include finishing off the stripping and uncovering the covered fireplace to see what lies behind. I'm not sure that the period features from council built property from the 50's were anything to write home about but we figure it is worth a look.


summerfete said...

How awesome, shame you cant keep them.
We too are diying, today its time to strip the floors!

Hoola Tallulah said...

Oh wow, those paintings! I love that little robin. I really like battered walls with old paintwork and scuffs and crumbling plaster, when everything else is shiny and new it looks lovely (very popular in France). Aren't you even a little tempted to keep the robin?
Can't wait to see more of this space, exciting stuff!