Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I've finally put some of my vintage postcards to use and made some new cards for my folksy shop
Part of me can't bear to cut them up and another part of me loves that they have been reused and made into something entirely different. I've made a few each of mother's day cards and birthday cards:


Ali said...

Those are really lovely, Monda.

Lina said...

I saw these on your flickr stream yesterday - just beautiful! (And I would absolutely feel the same issue about cutting those postcards up!)

Kyoko said...

Oh Monda, I love the vintage card. It's a slightly different style to what you usually do but I definitely think it works. So nice!
BTW the worktop saver is very pretty. I hope you are going to win the competition :D
Hope you and your kitties are well :D

Gina said...

They are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Lady V (or rather Monda),

I quite agree - you have taken a bit of a side step from your latest work with these designs and I love love love them. Your new focus speaks volumes.

Big love Suss x

Hoola Tallulah said...

So prettyfull!