Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The bird is the word

Do you watch family guy? If you don't then you are missing a real treat. Once you get over the odd concept of a talking dog who everyone in the family can understand, a talking baby who only the dog can understand, and a father who is massively inappropriate at every given opportunity then it is actually very funny. This week there was an episode which made me and Mr Monda laugh so much that we just haven't been able to get the song or the dance out of our heads - and here, just for you (and also me, because I love it) a small snap shot of the episode courtesy of YouTube:

I think you'll agree, that the bird is indeed the word. Also on a bird related theme - this rather nice fabric was purchased on a recent trip to Ikea. This (cotton) was just £1.99 per metre - a bargain!


Kitty said...

Never seen that programme. And until today nor had I seen that totally desirable fabric! Nice find. x

Gina said...

My sons are Family Guy fans so often find myself chuckling at bits of it... no sound on my computer at the moment so can't hear your clip. Love that fabric.

dottydesigns said...

Classic, made me laugh too gorgeous fabric too x

claire said...

Hi there
Clicked overe from Stitching the mother of a 14 year old FG fan - I just knew what your post title meant!!
THE funniest thing since the Cool W-hip episode (which I blogged about!!).
Just texted my son saying have you heard???!!! We have been doing it all week and doing the dance too.
Lady on the toilet have you heard :) :)
Nice to meet you!!!

Joleo said...

We love Family Guy too - here's hoping I'm not baking a Stewie...

I bought that fabric too - it seemed too ridiculously cheap not to, though I've no idea what I'm going to do with it.

emma lamb said...

seriously! we had that tune going round our heads all night, desperately trying to block it out so we could get to sleep... fortunately i managed to stop myself from clicking the play button on the clip!!!

btw, Spanner thanks you for the birthday wishes, he's been quite flattered at all the attention... maybe he should set up his own blog!

how are you getting on btw, were the pics useful? ...or have you been too bust with work :(

anyway, have a fab sunday...


Attic24 said...

OMG we love Family Guy in our house, even though I do question whether it is suitable fodder for 5&6yr olds lol.
That episode The Bird is The Word was ace

andrea said...

lol...awesome fabric too