Sunday, April 19, 2009

2002 miles away (apparently)

By way of a small explanation of my absence these last few weeks, I have been approximately 2002 miles away, in Cyprus to be little more exact. Cyprus was not my first choice as a holiday destination, but our primary reason for going was a wedding out there, so we combined it with a holiday. I took surprisingly few pictures whilst I was away, which is not very like me. I did lots of things which were not like me actually - lots of sleeping, walking, sitting and reading, chilling out and drinking cocktails (ok, this last one is very like me).
I'm quite a home bird really, and as nice as it was to do all these things, I am also very happy to be home - I missed my baby cats, my own bed, and the familiar surroundings of my little home. Although it was nice to have a complete break from everything, I missed technology (my computer and my blog, my sewing machine, my camera) and I'll be glad to get back to it all. I'm going to dive back into google reader in a moment and read the remaining 537 posts on my list.
A small flavour of my holiday:
This was called 'between the sheets'a little run down villa - I really like the wooden shutters metal patterned grille on a glass doorpart of a print from the wall of an ancient Greek bath house


Gina said...

It does look rather lovely!

Kitty said...

I was just thinking of you this weekend, wondering how you were - lovely to see you back.

Those pictures are lovely, Cyprus is somewhere I'd like to see. My parents loved it there.


Joleo said...

Oh heavens this just makes me long for some sunshine :) Glad you had a good break.

Lena said...

Ohh, it must have been such a lovely, relaxing holiday.

The white pattern and the old print look interesting, I would like to see more pictures from Cyprus...
Have a nice week:).

emma lamb said...

i like how you put the most important pic first... the cocktail ;)

speak soon,