Thursday, January 22, 2009

Treasury Thursday

Woot Woot!

This week I have been featured in 2 Etsy treasuries. The pink theme seems to be carrying on as these are both pink treasuries. It's lovely to be included, especially as I have all but ignored my etsy shop in 2009. I must remedy that soon
I also receive a blog award from Woo of The devil makes work
I received the award for 'generally being lovely'. How nice, thanks for passing on the award Woo. I'm not going to pass it along to anyone however because I'm just being a bit of a rebel. I really do appreciate awards and that someone thinks I am award worthy, but I just like to break the rules too. I never passed on chain letters as a kid, and those emails from people telling me to 'forward this email on to 10 friends and an angel will send you a bunch of flowers' drive me bonkers. Instead I will send you to look at a couple of photography blogs I enjoy: My funny eye and How we say hello
The latter is a blog of great pics and guessing games - very good fun. Go on, have a look...


Kitty said...

Congratulations on your treasury appearances! I always check out the blog of Chris Parry since you linked to him - he makes amazing stuff! x

emma lamb said...

Loving, loving, loving the 'How we say hello' blog, such a fab idea - thanks :)

congrats on the treasuries too!


Moogsmum said...

Congrats on those two treasuries! I was included in a green one a couple of weeks ago and I haven't been near my etsy shop for far too long!

I love those links - great photos :-)


Lauren said...

ohh look at you! twice in a week. that's good going.

I'm doing a feature on where people make their work if you want to take part. see yesterdays post. photos due by 25th jan if you want to take part. I'm guessing there will be a lot of workshop envy going on. can't wait. anyone is welcome to join in.

loving the graze box too.

Kyoko said...

A huge congratulations on double treasuries and the award!! It made me smile to look at the first treasury photo of your two monsters. :D

Janet said...

I haven't done much blog reading of late so was just thrilled to read your blooming exciting news about the proposal. Huge Congratulations to you and so looking forward to reading of wedding plans. You have had 12 years to think about it so I guess you have an idea of what you want. Big hugs xxx

Hens Teeth said...

Thank you for your lovely comment.

Great Treasuries, much deserved.

The Devil Makes Work said...

Hi Monda,

Quite right too. I don't normally pass things on but there were a few people I wanted to specially mention.

I agree with you about Chain letters too.

Loving the kitty too!