Friday, January 09, 2009

a slow start and a telegramme!

Thanks for all the lovely comments and congratulatory wishes on my last post - I agree with all of your comments, a very nice way to start the new year.

I'm having a slow blogging start to 2009. This last week I have felt a bit bleugh - not really sick, but not feeling well either - somewhere in between. I don't think there is a name for this limbo state is there? Sick+Well=Sill perhaps? Under the weather is probably a better description. Speaking of weather it has been mighty chilly here, when I left work on Tuesday evening it was -3 brrrrr. I don't mind the cold so much really - I like to see frost lined branches on trees and feel the crispy grass crunching under my boots. Last night we had a freezing fog - everything looked totally eerie and creepy, it's amazing how certain weather can just make thinks look so different. I had to take a picture:We took our Christmas decorations down on twelfth night as per the tradition. No matter how many times we go through this, I am still surprised every year at how bare things look without decorations, and I almost feel the need to have something new to put in place of the decorations. Are you feeling bare without your decorations? Would you like something nice to fill that big empty void the decorations have left? Yes you say? great, you've come to the right place.
I've been in only 2 shops since Christmas to look at the sale items - I can't bear fighting with crazy ladies in clothes shops grabbing at all the bargains, so I went to Habitat where it was nice and calm. Last year Habitat commissioned Telegramme to design a range of home wares, some of which appeared in the sale. I picked out a couple of cotton tea towels with great prints, and because they were in the sale, I picked up a couple more to give away to my bloggy buddies.
If you would like this small gift from me to you, then please just drop me a comment in this post, anytime before Tuesday 13th Jan, I'll pick the winner at random.
I'm not sure what I'll do with mine as yet. The cotton is very good quality though - oh the possibilities!


emma lamb said...

hi Monda, sorry you've not been feeling well :(

i'm the same as you when it comes to the sales, fighting my way through a bunch of crazed women just to find something i probably don't even need or want - not my idea of fun at all!

count me in for your giveaway, those tea towel prints are fab and they would look great as hangings!


Kitty said...
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Kitty said...

I too love to see the trees, looking as though they have been sprinkled with sugar - so pretty.

I am undergoing a large dollop of guilt at having won so many giveaways lately, so don't enter me in yours - but Habitat stuff is always so nice, isn't it?

Take care of yourself - hope you feel better soon. x

Moogsmum said...

Brrr - it has been a chilly start to the year! I love your foggy photo - just like it was here the other evening when I had to take Minx to brownies and it was -4!

I'm right with you on avoiding the sales. My only bargain so far was a half price amaryllis in a posh pot!

Those teatowels are fab. they'd make great bags...or cushions...or pictures. Far too lovely for drying dishes!!


Moogsmum said...

p.s. get well soon!!!

Kate said...

Hope you feel better soon - I too am "sill" - although lots of my friends are properly sick so I've done ok avoiding it so far!

the teatowels are lovely - must pop to habitat and snap some up!

Gina said...

Hope you feel better soon Monda.

I haven't been near a shop since before Christmas (I don't like shopping at the best of times) but those tea towels look rather gorgeous!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh I'm sorry you are poorly Monda - so many people seem to have been really ill this Christmas but we seem to have mostly escaped it except for Dot who has been off school for the last three days.

Those tea towels look far too clever and artistic for their original use - I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them!

Lucy x

jennyflower said...

Good hunting on the T-S they are very, very cool.

Hope that you continue to mend to full health very soon.

Claire Hurd Design said...

I hope you are feeling better and are inspired as to how to use your great new Habitat purchases. Please count me in for your giveaway - very kind of you. I had a great winter wonderland frosty walk in the New Forest yesterday, it was beautiful but I am glad of the warmer temperatures today!


Kelly said...

i missed the habitat sale this year, but those are lovely - please count me in on your giveaway

Kyoko said...

Hope you are feeling better. Oh, it has been soooo cold. Every time I open the window to air the flat my cats just won't go near the window. You have found nice cottons in habitat! I visited harrods sale but all the good stuff were not on sale. SO I haven't bought anything at the moment.
Hope you had a great weekend!

Casey said...

those tea towels look really cool. I hope you feel better soon

Blueberry Park said...

Hope you feel better very soon. I'm glad you've ventured to the sales on behalf of one of us lucky ones :-)

nita said...

Unlike Kitty, I haven't had much luck with giveaways so far, so please count me in on your draw. I have some t-towel ideas floating about.