Sunday, January 11, 2009

making do

This weekend we did our first supermarket shop since Christmas. We had been putting if off through a combination of laziness and using up the odds and sods of food bought for the Christmas period. As a result, meals this last week were odd combinations of food and dishes devised of what I could find in the fridge, freezer and cupboards - just like in the old days, we were making do.
Speaking of the 'old days' Did anyone see Victorian Farm last week on BBC2? It's a 6 part documentary on 3 people who are living the life of Victorian farmers for a year. Last week (the first episode) was about learning to plough a field with horse drawn plough, making cider by crushing apples with a stone wheel, pickling and potting foraged food, and decorating and furnishing an old run down farm cottage. It really had me hooked and made me think quite a bit about how wasteful we are, and how we have such a throw away culture these days. With this is mind, today I made some Banana and Chocolate muffins (based on this recipe - I just used muffin cases instead on loaf tins) because I had 3 bananas in the fruit bowl which were very over ripe. I might have thrown these away if I hadn't watched Victorian farm earlier in the week.
These muffins are really tasty, come highly recommended by Mr Monda, and something I will be making again if my bananas get too ripe.

There's also still a couple of days left if you're interested in my give away - just drop a comment in my previous post.


Kitty said...

Hi Monday - Firstly apologies for my deleted comment last time - I got quite the wrong end of the stick. Secondly, I make a lot of banana cake/muffins if and when the bananas go over - the kids love them. They freeze really well too, if you make too many.


emma lamb said...

Great minds think alike Monda!!!
I've not seen the victorain Farm programme, but a resolution for me this year is to be less wasteful with food - something that me and me man can be terrible for at times. It just means being a bit more organised around the kithcen and using up all the bits'n'pieces. It's only a week into January but so far so good, i've made pumpkin soup, veggie soup and a chicken and leek pie... I even ordered some freezable / microwavable food containers and a potato bag from lakeland - get me!!!

hope you're feeling a wee bit better :)


Gina said...

Those look very tasty! I would have to hide the bananas somewhere to let them over ripen as my lot eat so many bananas there are never any left over.

The Devil Makes Work said...

Oh Monda, I've not read your blog for a few weeks and I've seen your wonderful news. I am so happy for you.

Love from Woo.

Moogsmum said...

Mmm - they look lovely! I have a few bananas languishing in the kitchen - may have to try these.


luis said...

Those look delicious!

I'll be back in February!

(hint hint)!!

!! :$